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Classified Services

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We are a Top Eyebrow Threading Salon with three locations in Arlington,Texas,and Grand Prairie,Texas. We have been into business since 2014, and are growing because of our quality, and affordability. We provide all Facial Threading, Body Waxing, Facials & Skin Care Treatment, Eyebrow-Eyelash Tinting, Henna Tattoos, V Steam, and Much More! You can walk in during our normal business hours or can book us online. We believe in proving the utmost care to our clients with affordable, and superior quality services.
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While you may have read various claims that rubber roofing is perfectly fine when installed over existing shingles, the reality is that most self installed rubber roofing manufacturers will not honor the warranty on any roof which is not installed on a completely clean surface.
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The constant opening and closing of a door will make a stained glass window bow if it isn't properly stabilized.